Why adding 3D graphics to games was a bad idea

Yeah, and with added audio clips from the actors it seems like it's real. Also, cell-shading, et cetera it's almost like you're controlling the characters in real life. But all the graphics, audio, and more takes tool on the console, so if you play those high-end games too much it can fry the system.
All these years later, and to me, the best graphics in 2024 games, are 2d stuff like Cuphead, Rayman Origins, Mario Wonder, the new Sonic Superstars, etc …. And the absolute very very best … are technically 3d models, which are layered over to mimick super high resolution 2d sprites with their own lighting lol (Love me some ARC SYSTEM WORKS)

ARC SYS continued the legacy of late 90’s CAPCOM sprite looks/animation/proportion: