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Wanted : Sega Master System

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by chubbito, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. chubbito

    chubbito New Member

    I figured I'd check here before bidding on one on ebay.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a master system, model 1, with controllers.

    I have a sega saturn to trade if anyone wants it, though it is 20 pin, and I have

    Sonic 3D Blast and Myst for Saturn, sitting around here somewhere. Willing to pay for it as well.
  2. tsumake

    tsumake New Member

    Have you ever considered getting a master converter for your genesis? Or are you looking to collect a Master System or play master system games on the "real deal?"
  3. chubbito

    chubbito New Member

    looking for the real deal, just to keep my collection of systems growing [​IMG]
  4. TheXev

    TheXev New Member

    I have a Sega Master system I wouldn't mind getting rid of, but it doesn't have any actually Master System controlers (i use Genesis pads) and its rather busted up (got it that way). System works, but its been a few years (3? lol) since i used the system last. How do I sell what model of Master System it is?
  5. chubbito

    chubbito New Member

    well, the model 1 has the card slot, and its boxy, the model II is more sleek (rounded corners) and it has no card input... you can find pictures of both models online pretty easily. How is it 'busted up' , like chunks missing from it?
  6. thewasp31

    thewasp31 New Member

    One here. Great condition, no controllers (I also use Mega Drive (Gensis) controllers). However it's a UK machine. If thats a downer. It's a model 1, has the card slot (though I've never personally used it), and has Hang On, and Safari Hunt built in.
  7. TheXev

    TheXev New Member

    I suppose itfs a model 1 then, as I have a card slot, a card, and a busted (but functional) set of 3D Glasses. The only have I ever owned for it was a Safari Hunt/Hang On combo cart. Although I could have sworn i got another game with it, a shooter that used the 3D glasses.

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