Was this a good deal?

Been a while since I posted, anyway this is what I've gotten from my favorite Import/Used Games store during the past month.

The 32x, in very good condition with box, setup guide and all for $15, I thought the Sega Power Strip ad that came with it was pretty funny. "Specially Designed for Sega's AC Adaptors" "Plug in Genesis, Genesis 32X, Sega CD, or Sega Channel adaptors, plus your TV and stereo!" lol. Hey, does anyone have one of these?

The Sega CDX got it for $50 eh, the Compact Disc logo on it seems to have been scratched off/faded but it works perfectly fine.

I also saw one of those big arcade joystick controllers at a different shop for $4, is that worth getting?

A few questions now, I know i'm not really supposed to plug in a 32X into a CDX but it should be fine right? The setup guide mentions a spacer for the CDX, did this ever get released? I'm thinking no... Also, if I plug the 32X into my CDX can I plug a ram cart into the 32X and still have it work? One more thing, has anyone ever seen one of those cartridges that allow you to play Mega-CD imports? Since modding would be a major pain even if I wanted to try.

Images didn't load when I linked em.... Bah... Geocities.

Cut and paste the urls if you wanna see.


-The box


-Inside the box


-Papers that came with the box


-The CDX and the Justifier
Was it a good deal? I'LL SAY!!
Considering the CDX alone is selling for $150+ at ebay and sometimes they don't even have the AC adaptor.

From what I understand the only reason Sega told it's customers not to use the CDX with the 32X was because the FCC never approved the combo (something about too many processors close together) I've heard other reasons but according to a few people I've known who have used the two together, It works just fine, the only problem is that the 32X is a little unstable without a spacer, but I don't see why you couldn't fabricate one in plastic though.

That brings us to your question about the CDX spacer, it was never released, there were a few prototypes at Sega however.

The CDX spacer's design prevented the system (32X) from properly cooling itself because the vents on the underside of the unit were blocked by the spacer.

I have no doubt that If FCC approval had been forthcoming, Sega would have redesinged the spacer.

And yes you can use a backup ram cart if the 32X is attached.

Enjoy your CDX, You are so lucky!!
One thing I forgot to mention, I don't think you can use the import converter carts for the Sega CD on the CDX, all the ones I've seen do not support the CDX's Bios revision (2.21)

Well... now that I got this setup, where's a good place to grab 32x games cheap? Lol, I saw Cosmic Carnage at the store for $3.00 but uh..... it's Cosmic Carnage....

ABout the converter thing... darn, I suppose I could just go out and grab a japanese sega-cd somewhere.
SCDConv is an unreliable program, I speak from experience.

I own alot of games from different regions, and all but one failed conversion.

So I wouldn't put alot of faith in it, you could try it.... and cross your fingers.

For non Sega CDX users, a multi region chip is the only safe bet to play all the games.
dude! that rules man!

have fun with your toys, i know i would be.

is that place you bought from online? if its an online store, whats the link?
I actually went to the store, but they have a website


However, they're really lazy about listing stuff, and they don't list their older used items. The funny thing is that there is a store right accross the street from them that also sells videogames. They almost always overprice but they have a much nicer selection of saturn/segacd games. (It's usually around $20 - $50 per game
Thats the ONLY thing I dont own...the 32x...

My CDX however I bought like in BRAND NEW condition! (No box, or manuals)

For? 25$!!!!! (The old people working at this second hand store didnt know how much its worth!!!)