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Hey guys,

I recently got an internship over the summer for a programming job. Only thing is it's for a langauge I don't know...and no I didn't lie on the interview or anything. It doesn't seem like their going to teach it to me on the job or anything either. So can anybody recommend any good books or websites for learning perl and vbscript? Thanks in advance.
It might be worthwhile to take a look at this, and this is very neat in a sort of semi-random learn-by-osmosis way (they've got a decent tutorial also, but I wouldn't say that's the main draw of the site
Thanks guys, I got my grubby paws on the entire O'reilly series and the books are excellent.

Just a quick question:

$product = $num1 x $num2;

print ("The product is $product")

How would I do that on one line?
Are you sure you can put var into double quotes of a print ? I didn't make perl for a while (stopped at perl 5.005) I just remember there was a way to concatenate var. The function was someting like "join", it could be that :

print join(" ","The product is", ($num1 x $num2));

It may not work and you'll find the asnwer Perl is a too easy language to learn(less than 3 days). The only prob. I remember that was perl 4 which had no real local var (even with "local" specified), since Perl 5 there is "my" which allows you to make real local values into a sub.
just a quick update in case anyone's wondering:

I started working at my internship this past monday. And guess what, I haven't touched perl yet! (or vbscript) Turns out I'm starting off on the NT side of things, working with Win2k server and all. This supports my theory that you should just slack off.
Nah they have an entire separate department for that .net stuff (thank God). I'm actually enjoying work. I stayed till like 7:30 today (even though I'm salaried).

But one thing I don't like is the fact that their too goddamn high tech. I have to swipe my id to get to the elevators, to get into the doors on my floor, to buy lunch etc. I'm not allowed to install anything at all on my workstation (no admin permissions on my own box!!)....

Oh well I can't complain. I love my job.

::goes and gets fired tomorrow::