Website which displays IP


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I need to know where that website is. It was just faster to use when I'm using this computer (2nd computer 2 levels up from main computer.

If anyone can point me in the direction of that site, i'd appreciate it.
Or this one easy to keep in mind.
Thanks Guys. I just needed a site that would show my real Ip address so I wouldnt have to use another computer to set up my ftp.
Um.... if your IP address changes often (which is what it sounds like), you don't want to run an ftp unless you've got a way of autoupdating the ip each time it changes or a certain number of times throughout the day.
sure it's nice to know you can ping this site, and get an average 160 ms ping, but how does that tell you your IP address? all that means, is, you've got cable or DSL

is the server IP.
i thought thats what we were on about, how to get other people's ip address not your own. Just go into irc and DNS yourself in there if you want your own IP
again, it's only this server's IP address

there is not much you can really do with it, since the computer's owner only maintains it, and keeps the web site up and running.

to find the other person's ip, connect to them, using an instant messanger, and type:

Netstat -a

into MS-DOS prompt

or, ask them to go to a site, and have them give you their IP address