Weird cartridges

I've got an Japanese sega saturn (Gray one, i don't know what that one is doing in Holland) from a friend that works at a games shop.

The thing blinks a couple of times when it is plugged in he television. You can see the screen a couple of times then it goes blank forgood.. I thin it is that ntsc vs pal problem. Well he had some games with it.. japanese and 2 cartridges.

One is marked cdplus. A red/green lable..

The other is marked Pro Universal adapter...

Anyone knows what these are?
Plugged both in my own europe saturn.. powered up with a japanese cd.. didn't work. tried the japanese with both cartridge on pal tv didn't work. I'm curious what it would be used for.. cannot find it anywhere on internet.
Maybe they're like the old Super Strong Card where it slows down the CD assembly for swapping purposes?
I was bored playing with the other collection items i got from sega and i really wanted to know what the cartridges did so i popped one in and looked.. I got a boot screen saying this ain't no sega product.. Then i got the cd-player, you know the one you usually get in when you pop in a copied cd. Weird thing was i really had a genuine cd in there... Then i noticed the first button changed to : start application... Hmm.. press.. woohoo running the game..

Hey... next thing.. pop in a copied cd... didn't work.. got the normal cd player without the cd.

Next thing.. pop in a Japanese Saturn game
Presto, worked perfectly can play japanese games on european console.

Hmm.... hey... but what if i boot the console with an original game, remove it while in cd player mode and continue with a copied one.
Worked flawlessly.. No more nasty swapping trick.

I heard you can still buy one of those cartridges. I got 2.. one CD+ and the other labeled Pro Universal adapter they look ancient but if you are lucky......

BTW : anyone knows how to get a japanese saturn on a european TV? I boot the japanese console then the screen goes

kind of unplayable.

if you get an RGB SCART lead.


I'm not that into tv stuff... but what do you mean? Scart lead? err.. a little box or so?

And yes Derrick, they played both of them. Hey, i'm from holland and i don't need two of them. If i can make anyone happy with it.
A SCART lead is a superior alternative to the RF cable. It's got a 21 pin connector and is also known as a euroconnector or a peritel.
Ah yeah, that one. I'm using it, stupid me.. That one also gives the weird flickering. Perhaps the thing is just dead.

I tought you had some sort of conversion box or so.