Weird file format


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I just got resident evil for saturn (finally!) off an ftp but it came in a weird format. It wasn't rared but i downloded one file called track 1.zip_new , one called resident evil.sfv which is just the sfv file. Then i got one zip called but there's nothing in there and another one called and in that one there's just a lilttle 3 second mp3 saying RESIDENT EVIL you know in the beginning of the game. So should i change the name of track1.zip_new to to see if it can be opened cause right now it's that little piece of paper icon with shapes on it meaning windows doesn't know what to do with it.
well i just did andit just turns the icon into a rar icon with a .zip extension and it says unknown or corrupt file format. Any other, useful suggestions?

EDIT: nevermind i just changed it to iso and for some reason it works now.
Look at the start of the file with a binary file viewer. All formats carry some sort of signature.
I just open unknown files with Wordpad.

Bad idea though if the file is very'll make Wordpad slow to a crawl and eventually freeze up.

NoteTab Light, on the other hand....nifty program. Can't remember the homepage right now...

More precisely, some kind of tell-tale sign right at the beginning of the file that identifies its type (and contents).
Header of a MODE1/2048 mixed mode BIN image of a Saturn disc shown with a hex editor. Notice it starts with readable text that SatConv shows you?


Header info of above BIN image shown with SatConv.


Cue sheet for the mixde mode BIN image above.


Header of RAR file shown with a hex editor containing BIN+CUE files from above. Notice it starts with Rar?


Header of ZIP file shown with a hex editor containing BIN+CUE files from above. Notice it starts with PK?

Oh ok so it doesnt matter what the file has as an extension as long as it can be read by a hex editor... alright.