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From Spong:

You may have come across Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary on the Internet of late, the secret project underway at Sega’s AM-2 department.

We can today exclusively reveal that the game will never go on general release - agonising news for the amazingly hardcore and dedicated Virtua Fighter fanbase. However, we can also reveal that Sega Europe has a very limited number of copies that it will be dispensing to lucky gamers over the summer.

The game is a remake of the original Virtua Fighter, complete with backgrounds, flat-shaded polygons and music, but with the complete character roster from VF4: Evolution.

So how do you get one? Well, that’s something we cannot tell you at this point in time. Expect a summer of agony and ecstasy in the VF community this year!

It sounds nice but if you already have VF4 Evolution the novelty of playing it with VF1 stages and character models would wear off pretty quickly and you'd proberbly just go back to playing the far more graphically advanced version again.
axel, how is that (evolutuon) I want to pick it up but I have the plain ordinary 4.. what did they add??
Me = VF Collector! Although I'm in Iowa, and that's in Europe, so that might be a problem. But I WILL get my hands on one of those someday.. And the remake is IN Virtua Fighter: Evolution. Although I wouldn't mind a separate copy of that. Since it IS a stand-alone version of VF in that essence. I must have it! Once I get Evolution, just gotta get the CG Portraits (ALL, including the one that has them all on one disc, that means 11 CG Portrait Discs), then Animation for Game Gear whenever I get a GG. And that stand-alone copy of that remake.

About Virtua Fighter Evolution, they took out Kumite and replaced it with Quest Mode. You go around to arcades playing other VF players. These guys are based off of the best VF players in Japan. Should be interesting how I (an Intermediate Sarah player), stack up against the best Sarah players of Japan. Also, they upgraded the graphics a TAD bit (Anti-aliasing improvements (THANK GOD!)), and touched up various aspects. But the improved Anti-aliasing is the main thing of the slight graphical upgrades. Brad Burns, a Kickboxer (is it Thai Kick-boxing? or just straight up Kick-boxing? I don't anything about Kick-boxing, so I wouldn't know), and Goh (can't remember the last name), who uses... can't remember the fighting style. The main thing in Evolution's plot is that Goh was sent to assasinate Akira. I sure as hell hope they don't make Sarah the next Dural. As the plot for VF4 explained, Kage's mother is going crappy, so they need a new Dural, and they're looking to Sarah. And they might be killing off Lau or something.

This is really VF5, although what doesn't make it VF5, is that it's not on a new arcade board. If it were VF5, chances are it'd be going to XBox (you know how Sega does the arcade boards, each one is like, ten times more powerful than the last). Even then, XBox version would be unlikely, of VF5 that is, IF it WERE VF5.

Although what makes me upset about that remake, is that it includes Lion, Shun, Aoi (Hottie in VF4
, not so much in VF3), Lei Fei, Vanessa, Goh, and Brad. Being a Hardcore VF fan, why not just release an Arcade Perfect VF, and no VF2 - VF Evo characters? Although I know why they're doing this. So that way, people who came in via VF2 (I did, but I went with Sarah, who is in VF, so it's no problem for me) and picked up one of the new fighters, won't be stuck with a fighter they're unfamiliar with.

My dream VF, would be VF2, with an Evade button (FMM, VF3), VF3 moves, and ARCADE PERFECT graphics. In others words, FMM (Sans Vipers and Secret characters) running off Model 2 Hardware (Not Saturn), and with the VF2 stages with ringouts and everything originally.

Or hell... how about just FMM running off Model 2 hardware?
Originally posted by Cloud121@Jul 15, 2003 @ 08:12 PM

And the remake is IN Virtua Fighter: Evolution. Although I wouldn't mind a separate copy of that.

The remake is not in my copy of VF4:Evo, although I belive it may be relesed with the american version of the game. Mines the PAL version.

In addition to your description of the quest mode I'll just say that each arcade has like a mini Kumite mode with random fights with people from a small distribution of ranks. Complete a certain task(eg win 10 matches) and you unlock the tornament. Finishing in the top 3 unlocks another arcade.

I certainly prefer it to the old Kumite mode

Theres no AI training mode in this version so if like that you'll have to keep VF4 also.

Some stages have been altered, particularly pai's stage, and all the music has been changed. But you can unlock the old backrounds for use in Vs if you dont like the changes.

Or hell... how about just FMM running off Model 2 hardware?

I'd love a FMM2. They could give it a more varied character line from games outside of AM2 and the backgrounds could be enhanced versions of all the old VF stages.