what about kimagure orange road

just.....remember the good old the days the fantastic 80's

this series are all about the 80's are the mirror of that years

the music is amazing, madoka its just beautiful, has a great history, characters, all in kimagure its just great and for me has a fantastic feeling when i saw it

all i have to say about that series is that, just try it. and see what im talking about
KOR is by far one of my favorite anime (next to maison ikkoku). I really want the Animeigo set of this but I heard they have some issues with the encodes. I think i'll wait on those...

I think its the funniest/wittiest anime around. I think a lot of the anime now gets influence from this anime (love hina...etc).


(i'm sure you know where I get my nick from)
no, it's not hentai

as far as encoding problems, i don't think there were any

i think animego just released all the episode credits on a sepreate disc then after lynch mobs started appearing at their door over it decided to release it with the credits sequentially after each epsode

btw. the reissues are either already availible or close to it

you should get some urusei yatsura and macross dvds while you're at it
googlefest1 Posted on Dec. 18 2002, 8:05 am


HA i always thought that one was henti so i avoided it.

any pic i ever saw from this series was a nude one (drawn ofcourse)

yeah, everyone always approaches the same mistaken opinion

about my favorite anime adolescent+lingerie+fingerbang+tentacle+multipenis+lesbian+


it's not hentai, but for some strange reason all the pics of it on the internet are

happens a lot with evangelion too

well i gues ill have to look into it

since now im looking for older stuff that i havent seen cause i dont like the way anime is going now -- they have taken satans route and are using more and more computers where they dont need to - most of the new shows that i have seen all look the same to me (not story wise ) - i DLed a bunch of 1st episodes to see what they are like and they just look the same to me WTF!