what do you use?


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What do all you guys use? I need to know because so far i have had no luck with any burning programs. ezcd,cdrwin,nero,fireburner, all don't work. well fireburner would if i cracked it, but other than that, none work. are t here ANY other solutions?
I use fireburner and I have no problems with it, tho, I am using version 1.06 which is older, but it still works like a charm, also nero works rather well.
yeah... i get ya ;) I downloaded that version but it says my drivers aren't up to date yet i update them whenver i need to. Is it just saying that cause they are too recent? I got this comp like a month ago.
I dump images with CDRWin, remove the filepath from the cuesheets with notepad.

For iso+MP3 dumps I use Binchunker for the data segment (take the existing bin and convert the 2048 data segment to .iso), then rip the audio tracks with EAC. Wavs are externally compressed with LAME and named for use with Gens (Sonic 02, Sonic 03, etc...).

For reburning the disc image image dumps (bin/cue), I just load the cuesheet with CDRWin.

Haven't tried buring ISO+MP3s to disc since I already have the .bins to start with, I suppose an easy way to do it would be to do a ISO+audio dump with CDRWin, cancel it (since I already have the files), then use the cuesheet generated from the cancelled dump. Of course you'd have to rename the .mp3 files (and possibly convert them to wav, depending if your version of CDRWin can convert mp3s to wav or not) to what the .cue sheet has them listed as, or vice versa.

I'm still new with buring Sega CD games, someone might know of a better way though.

I used to use MusicMatch (for my audio discs, I didn't dump Sega CD at the time) but I'm much happier with Exact Audio copy + LAME, the secure error correction owns....and it's free.
how many programs on average are you using to burn one game. I dont' mean to burn but like for audio and converting, burning etc
I pretty much only burn .bin and .cue with CDRWin, since that's the most of what I have (in terms of Sega CD).

I did a console game based .iso+.mp3 burn once, that was actually for Dracula X for the PCE.

Wasn't pleased with the quality of the synching, I think the audio tracks had been binchunked, and at that time I didn't know better to check for 2 seconds of inserted silence at the start of each track.

Anyways, I managed to get a copy of the RIGG .bin/.cue, which I burned and of course, it was great. I admire their interest in correcting a lot of the bad dumps floating about by releasing accurate disc images, especially for such a rare title.

I haven't had need to burn .iso + .mp3 yet, but if I had to, I would go about it with CDRWin, and renaming the audio tracks as to what the cue sheet will be looking for.

If you are having problems with getting cuesheets, I see where a clever fellow is posting them at http://free.prohosting.com/~nefariou/pharaohsplace.html

If he doesn't have one for a particular title, I might be able to make one, I have ~50 original NTSC sega CD/32X titles.
Quote: from Gallstaff on 7:38 pm on Mar. 11, 2002

how many programs on average are you using to burn one game. I dont' mean to burn but like for audio and converting, burning etc

To better answer your question:

I dump both .bin/.cue and ISO+.mp3 for each title.

Bin/cue I dump with CDRWin (following the instructions in the misc section at SX)

ISO+MP3, I extract the data track from the dumped .bin with BinChunker. For audio, I use Exact Audio Copy and compress to MP3 with LAME at 192kbps.

EAC and LAME are free, CDRWin is not, but AFAIK the demo mode lets you burn at 1X speed, I prefer a slow speed anyways. CDRWin is somewhat "juarez" protected, I've heard if you use a known previous crack it will write errors in your burn. So if you've used an old key with a newer version or something maybe that's why it's not burning right. (I'm not accusing you of anything here, besides, what you do is your business ;)

I only burn .bin/.cues at this time, the isos + mp3s I just rar/zip and burn to disc (meaning I have to unpack them to play). I actually have an ext firewire drive that I just leave a set of iso+mp3 games lay unzipped on.

For burning .bin/.cues, I load the cue sheet in CDRWin and burn at a slow speed.
Cue sheet specifies which resources go on the disc, and how they should be recorded. Basically, it's the instruction set that goes between your buring prog and the disc image.


Straight ISO: EasyCD 95

ISO + MP3: CDEX to dump the MP3s into WAVs, then EasyCD 95 to burn it all.

NRG: Nero. Duh.

Bin/Cue: I forget.... I usually bin2iso them if I can.
Gallstaff, either use the cuesheet maker, or learn to write a cue sheet. It's not hard and it makes life much easier.

I use CDRWin for both bin/cues and iso/mp3s.

I have a 'template' cue that I edit for burning iso/mp3s.

It takes no time and works great. It's a little more work, but it's hassle free. :)
Use NTI CD Maker Pro 3.6 for ISO-MP3 burns.

Easy, just do "mixed mode from image"

Load the ISO file as the image and then drag and drop the MP3 files into the audio window, make sure they're in order and burn. It converts the mp3's on the fly as it burns. Simple.

Use CDRWin 3.7 for bin-cue burns