What games are you really bad at?


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Thought it would be interesting to see if there's any games the people here just can't play. Could be a game everyone thinks of as easy that you have trouble with or whatever. You can treat is as counselling if you like

My personal bane would have to be Bomberman I guess. I love playing it, but there's no doubt that I'm shit at it for the amount of time I've spent playing it. Especially when you consider it's so simple.

Another one would be Tekken. I've always been really good at Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter so it's not like it's fighting games in general, but even my button-mashing girlfriend can beat me at Tekken.

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I'm having trouble with Dance Dance Revolution... but i just got started, so i maybe that one will come along, other than that is most first person shooters on consoles.
Yeah I haven't caught on to the Tony Hawks yet.

I've traditionally had a hard time with Mario for some reason, but I seem to be getting better. I'm awesome with Sonic, but Mario is different (I'm talking 2D here).
I really suck at fighting games like Tekken and VF. I just never really got into 'em I guess. Also, I am not good at sports games like NFL 2k2, 3, etc. and I can't stand the Tony Hawk games- can't figure 'em out! My real strength is shooters.
I can't ever get combos/moves to work in the old mortal kombat games (MK, MKII, MKIII, etc..) my friends rape me in those games
Originally posted by Zziggy00@Dec. 27 2002, 4:59 pm

I can't ever get combos/moves to work in the old mortal kombat games (MK, MKII, MKIII, etc..) my friends rape me in those games

same here
I've never been good on platform games and soccer games... The only genres that seem to fit on me is 2D/3D fighting (more the 2D than 3D), First Person Shooters and Real Time Strategy games...
I've never been good at strategy games either, now I think about it. I think it's 50% my poorness and 50% lack of interest. Strategy RPGs I'm fine with.. I can play the Ogre Tactics games, but not the Ogre Battle ones for example.
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What do all you guys mean by being "bad" at the tony hawk games. I'm not great at them, but i never thought of them as being that challenging.

It's not that I can't play the game, or complete the challenges. I meant when we're playing multiplayer and I'm pleased with my 180,000 combo then each of my mates pulls off a multi-million combo with ease. No matter how hard I try I simply can't do it...
Bomberman also escapes me. I haven't really played it that much, but man, I suck. I can't get past the first few levels in Bomberman Online single player.

And I've never been particularly good at the Street Fighter games either. I'm more of an MK man.
All fighting games that do not feature projectile weapons i suck at
Like tekken, virtua fighter etc. I'm only good at mortal kombat, streetfighter the VS. games etc.
Easiest place to get over a million combo is probably the baggage part of the airport on THPS3. Endless grinding
I gotta go with RTS (StarCraft, Warcraft II) games. I understand everything that I need to do. Which buildings to build, which units to use in a certain situation. The problem though, is that I'm so damn slow! I get my ass handed to me by the computer so many times, that I just give up.

Edit: Well... okay, that's mainly StarCraft. I own Warcraft II, but haven't played much of it.