What if ?


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Hi all :cool:

I had a few ideas lately regarding the Sega megadrive.I really liked the megadrive when it was released and still collect many games for the system.

I also have a pc running mame arcade emulator which recreates the arcade games at home.

Looking back remember when they used to program the arcade games for the megadrive,All that code and hours of routines.If Sega had put more memory and a faster speck etc and then simply dump the arcade rom into the machine and vwala--Perfect arcade convershions. :blink:

In rgb the megadrive cicks out a superb resolution,I guess all that would be required is a form of scanline resolution.

I know that technology to do this was not available at the time and i really apreshiated all the work and effort put in by the programmers,But this would have been awsome,Carbon copys of the arcade boards.

Maybe some one could try this today in the form of an emulator etc?