What is a saturn really worth?

I cant help but notice the rediculous prices you see on ebay for saturn stuff, especially imports, too often you see the words RARE!! or RARE JAP Import!! on objects that are common place for the saturn. Which leeds me to my next point, is tyhis stuff really worth this much?

I love the saturn as much as anyone else here, but what is the cause for the high inflation on saturn stuff, i know that it is sought after but RSD for over 150USD is ridiculous.

There were over 50,000 Skeleton saturns produced, so to me, this doesnt represent a rare item, considering the size of the saturn user base.

Also there were about 4.5 million (according to various sources) white model 2 saturn produced, so why do they fetch such a high price now for an item that is very common within a small user base?

I dont want to see any sellers get ripped of, nor do i want to see buyers pay for over inflated items, that in actual fact are not rare at all.

I know that people will disagree with me but I think that some common sense should be shown in the saturn market place
It's a supply and demand thing. There may have been alot of skeleton saturns but not many ever show up for sale. As such they become more in demand and prices rise. RSG is a common game in japan but you rarely see it here so prices go up.
The main thing is that people treat ebay like it is the only way to get stiuff and they also treat it as a way to see what fair market value is.

I have seen saturn here in pawn brokers shops for like $15AUD but on ebay, they are ridiculous in comparison. And about supply and demand, most of these items have been sitting in these shops since 1998!

i really think that a few gready people on ebay have changed the saturn market forever.
Berty, youre totally right. That's what happened to the NeoGeo scene.

Some games just got nabbed by damn collectors, (the anti-gamer) and it forces us into a corner if we want a great game we enjoy PLAYING, not putting it in a bag and letting it collect dust on a shelf.
sure the high prices can be a problem for someone who doesn't have the ammount of money to pay for these things but isn't a game you can play over and over worth it?

to show what i mean i give a example:

last year i've bought "Panzer Dragon Saga" for 299DM (german marks -> 110USD) though it wasn't rare when it came out and the possibilty to get it for less than that was there too but since i've found it at a local gameshop (i've been buying all my games there) in great condition (never opened pack)

i've paid that price just to be able to play it again.

i must say that i - unfortunately - sold my first copy back in '98 not knowing how much i would miss it... shameful, wasn't it? ???

as an ebay-hater, i avoid getting stuff from there. i got ripped off several times and quit being a member though i knew that one has to search for a specific item quite a long time and pay higher prices sometimes. i completely agree that some stuff at ebay is sold for more than the worth really is.