Partial translation of Senken Kigyouden for Saturn by Retro Dad


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"What's this: A few months back i decided to play through this turn based RPG game as its one i have been meaning to complete for a while now. There isn't a great deal of footage online for the Saturn version, so I thought I would make a trailer.

Does this game have English text: The game has no English text in it at all, so i decided to make it a bit easier to play by doing a partial English translation to help me play it.

I have translated the menus, items/ equipment, and the battle system. All the story is still NOT in English. Although, I did find the area needed to change the story text, pictures, text colour etc.

The footage used is old footage and i have since changed some of the items to other names after seeing what they do and looking at their pictures in game. Why do they move so quick have you sped up the footage: No, the footage is from real sega saturn hardware . In this game the characters just walk incredibly fast. Are you doing a full translation: At the current time no.

I have other projects i am working on, so this is not a high priority. I may go back to this and i may not. I mainly did this to make it a bit easier for me to play through the game. I have however, done quite a bit of testing and experimenting on implementing the story text."