What is a SegaCDx?

Guys, I've seen this piece of hardware mentioned in a couple of places, and was wondering if somebody or a group of you could explain to me what exactly it is. Pictures would also be nice. I expect it to be at least 4 1/2 pages or 3000 words, handwritten
haha j/k. But seriously, just wondering what is this SegaCDx, is it a mysterious 32xSegaCD? hehe Anyways all help is appreciated as always.
sorry vbt, can't see either of the images,get an ugly picture saying image hosted by angelfire. it's one of their protections they have.
then just backtrack the links. The segacdx was a a genesis+segacd combo but it could not play 32x games. There was something in the works for that, caleld the neptune, but it fell through and was never produced.
OMG that looks wicked. I thought my Model 1 Genesis and Model 2 Sega Cd looked kewl together, wow that looks wicked. Are they expensive units?
You can find them on ebay, but you'll have to pay anyway from $100- $150 at least, and thats without any games. I was lucky too, I bought mine from a friend for $50 with games. The cdx can also be a stand alone cd player, if you put in two AA batteries. Its probably not the best at that, because it doesn't have anti-skip protection. Oh well, it plays Sega CD and Genesis games pretty well.
woah wait.. could you power the thing on two double a batteries when you were using like a geneis game or segacd game?
I know what you are thinking, but unfortunately the batteries only powered the CD audio bit.

A portable Sega CD/Genesis would be cool though!
Yeah, with batteries only the CD-Player works. The AV output doesn't even works.

I got mine for approx. $25, without any cables or box or anything (they gave me a Saturn AV cable, that I modified to fit into the CDX - ugly, but works). I'd say I had extra luck than most here, since CDX'es were RARE over here, and, oh boy, they were expensive. VERY expensive.
You could probably make a portable SegaCd/Genesis out of a CDX. I wouldn't want to because, if I screwed up, it would cost a lot to get another. But this guy, made a portable Atari 2600 and Playstation, I'm sure you could probably do the same with a cdx, given its small size.

Here's the link to his page Portable atari

I guess he also made a portable SNES, sounds like he's working on a portable gamecube too.
sn't gamecube already portable with the little lcd? same with ps1..

I guess I should have said handheld, kinda like a Game Boy Advance or something. True Gamecube and PS1 are portable, but this guy has already made a handheld PS1 and is working on a handheld Gamecube.
nice system, I am currently in the hunt for one myself, still though the best portable is nomad, way to go sega!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KEEP THE GAMES FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The thing I always wanted to know about the CDx.. is the BIOS different from the SegaCD Model 1 and 2.. and if so.. why hasn't it been dumped... just wondering..
Hey Guys, Listen up though. I know for a fact that Genesis can be portable, because I remember i was running my model 2 genesis off of a Game gear Portable Battery, the one that plugged in the spot that the AC Adapter went into. I am not sure how long it would last, but i remember i played the first two levels of Sonic 2 without any problems. Also I have the lighter thing, for the car, so you could probably hook it up via that connection aswell. Then all you would need is something watch it on...