What is Your Favorite Dire Straits Song?

Sultans Of Swing
Dire Straights? Never heard 'em. Sorry all, I guess I'm not "hip" like all you cool people. I'm sure these glasses are out of style already huh? ---->
All great songs, but for me, "So Far Away" always does it. :)

And then 3 songs from the one album with "Calling Elvis" on it, I forget the name...but the songs are "At My Party", "You And Your Friend" and whatever track 2 was called...ohyeah: "On Every Street".

I hate Track 4 though. Sappy as hell...
I Love Dire Straits. I don't even think i have a favorite to be honest. However, Straits fans should check out knopflers new album....Sailing to Philly.....its great. OUT.