What is your Favorite Strike Game and Why?

I would have to say Urban Strike due the missions you got and the cool levels etc other things like how you got to go round the world and save the golden gate bridge
and infiltration missions were cool too were you could run around and blast everyone also there was a nice selection of vehicles to drive, the other strikes did not have as much a variety this way jungle had some cool vehicles too though.

Although i really liked Nuclear Strike and i think Soviet Strike is under rated too.
Jungle Strike was the first one I played and still is my favorite after playing the rest (sans Nuclear Strike). I never finished Soviet Strike cuz I thought it wasn't up to the quality of the first three.
Jungle Strike kicked arse. Although I never got past the first level 'cause I used to love blowing everything up. I guess that's how I am in GTA3, and I'll never change! NEVER!!!!