What is your favorite type of music?

What kind of music do I like? Just about anything that strikes me as being nice to listen to. Since I don't experiment as much as I should, this tends to be stuff that's typically classified as "classic rock", plus anything else that's grabbed my interest.

Some artists who have done stuff that I like: Journey, Styx, Kansas, Bad Company, Black Sabbath, Dio, Tom Petty (in moderation only :p) Three Doors Down, Queensrÿche, Jethro Tull, Bush, Creed, Billy Squier, Blue Öyster Cult, whoever was responsible for the Akumajou Dracula X: Nocturne In The Moonlight soundtrack

As for a group that I can listen to for quite a while without getting sick of it, I think Queensrÿche would be the one, particularly if it's Operation: Mindcrime.


System of a down

Nine Inch Nails

Mass Hysteria


Rage against the machine


At the drive in



Beastie boys

Blonde redhead

foo fighters


old Korn

la ruda salska

marcel et son orchestre

ludwig von 88

the presidents of the united states of america





the suicide machines





will haven


Current Favorite CD: Incubus - S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

Favorite groups:

Incubus - Don't judge them by their singles

Offspring - Any of their non-pop songs. Or anything else NOT on Conspiracy of One. Biggest dissapointment ever.

Bomb Factory - They own you. "Just wanna be free rike a furry chain!"

Rival Schools - The group that so graiciously stole their name from Capcom's best 3D fighter. I've only heard their "Used for Glue" song...



Now to the other side of the spectrum:

Two-Mix - My Gundam-obsessed friend made me listen to "Just Communication". I'm addicted. Help me.

The whole DDR soundtrack

And Jet Set Radio soundtrack

And a lot of other stuff.
Def Leppard: Radio played the shit out of their old stuff to the point where I can't stand it anymore. "Slang" was awesome, it was great hearing them have fun and experiment styles a bit, but after that they tried going back to the 80's stuff and it sucked.

Limp Bizkit: 3 Dollar Bill Y'All was great, but after that, when they got big, they started sucking. The newer stuff is okay in small doses, but I can't stand listening to a whole CD at once.

Wow... Nobody flamed me for mentioning Vanilla Ice...
Actually, it was funny you mentioned Vanilla Ice. I stumbled across vanillaice.com the other day and read about all of his latest work etc.

I was interested in what he was up to so I downloaded a couple mp3's. Not bad actually and interesting to see the artists he's working with at the moment, like ICP and Bloodhound Gang.

I'm not going to rush out and buy it tho, rap and roll or whatever genre he fits into doesn't really do anything for me... I'm a electronica head... If it goes "doff doff" - I like. :)

Oh and Def Leppard is lame... ;)

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You have good taste Karny my boy. I once saw Aphex and Two Lone Swordsmen play in the basement of this shop in Leeds with only about 50 people, it was fantastic. Anyone with an interest in site design should check out their label at www.warprecords.com. Other stuff I like:



Queens of the Stone Age

Rocket From the Crypt

Old Dirty Bastard

Public Enemy

Black Flag


Godspeed You Black Emporor!


And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead..

Too many to mention..
I love music as much as I love games, bit of everything really, Punk (PROPER punk, not that shit that's around these days), Hip Hop, 80's, Ska, Breakbeat, Techno, Ambient...

Most stuff, except boy/girl/boy & girl, nu-metal and thrash-metal. Oh, and pop-rap.

Fave artists:

Sex Pistols

De La Soul

Yaggfu Front

David Bowie

Lou Reed



Aphex Twin

Depeche Mode



C64 tunes

The REZ soundtrack
Give me some Prog. Rock/Metal anyday
Most prog bands are like Def Leppard...except with skill, style, etc
Prog, the most evil word in the musical lexicon. Rock and roll should be about attitude, not prowess
. Segasonic you should check out the Damned if they play near you, I went to see them in Scunny expecting it to be a total farce, but they were ace. Even Captain Sensible.
It's not all about prowess, but the virtuosity does make a big difference. The great thing about prog is that it encompasses so many genres, so you can have one album that has ballads, metal and orchestral pieces all together (sometimes within the one song
IMO, "progressive" is really just a label without much substance behind it, kind of like "alternative". It's just a buzzword that's supposed to mean something along the lines of "different/better than all the normal stuff". Of course, once a label like that is popular, it takes on a sort of secondary meaning based on what bands people decide to label with it, so maybe it's not fair to say that. I don't know. Blah.