what kind of game is...

what kind of game is Paneltia Story? does it has anime cut scenes is the game any good and alaborate on the game as much as you can
I have it but don't remember much about it. I think it kind of an Anime style game. Not sure if it has cut scenes or not. From what little I tried of it it didn't look that great.
From the screens I've seen it looks a lot like Shining Wisdom/Soleil/Zelda 3. I've got it but not got round to burning it yet.
just use cdrw's if you dont wanna use a regular disc. you can turn the laser diode up a little bit an your saturn will read rw's just fine. you might have to burn a little slower but you wont have a pile of coasters sittin around
If you tweak the Saturn to play CDRWs you'll end up with a dead laser sooner rather than later.
i mostly don't play my saturn i just burn a game play it for a few hours and thats it, i am not going to tweak the laser
well gettin another saturn isnt a problem. may go pickup 5 or 10 spare for that purprose. so far it hasnt died on me yet. i just dont like havin a pile of discs layin around that have no purpose anymore. get a 10 or 25pack of rw's an thats all you'll need for your saturn.