What luck!

about a year and a half ago, i paid someone to mail me some copies of Saturn games cause - at that time - i was having a LOT of difficulty finding anything (this was before i discovered Sega Xtreme)...

i dont know what brand CD-R media the person used (their labels are blank!), but it is simply SHIT.

*every* game i got from them has deteriorated.

i first noticed it with my copy of SFZ3... it looked like tiny pin holes in it... andon all four discs of Panzer Dragoon Saga... little holes.

all of these CDs have been in their cases since I got them, and have been boxed away for almost a year. anyone know how a CD could just "break down" like that? it looks like something splattered on the discs and ate through them or something...

its going to take me forever to replace all these games.

i already paid $30 to get a legit copy of X-Men vs. Street Fighter off eBay. i might pay $15 for SFZ3 off eBay too.. PDS costs too much, so that is being added to a download list... i also had Christmas Nights, Final Fight Revenge (which i can live without), and Shining Force 3 (which i think i already downloaded again)...

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heat or water usually will cause that sort of thing

its particaully bad on the really cheap discs

id suggest if you do that in the future rip them to you pc, so you can restore them later if necessary