What should i do with .BIN FIles ?

hi all,

ich have dl a mega-cd game - SNATCHER - when i open the .zip file there are only .BIN Files in there.

the first track, i think i must rename to ISO , because its the DATA Track, but here is my Problem:

What should i do with the Audio.bin files, when i rename the files to WAV or MP3, my WinAMP cant play them !!! i have uploaded a screenshot - plx take a look:


Must i convert these audio files into a another format ? Which programm, plx help me because i have the same problem on a saturn game (final fight revenge)

thx igor
you need, either a burning app able to burn Bin/Cue files, or BinChunker to see the innards of it.

you need to find a Cue sheet if you don't have one.

it's simply a text index file, pointing where the different CD tracks are supposed to go.

and, one last tip - don't download anything from unknown sources; if you can't tell what it is in the listing, don't waste your time downloading it.
thx, but i have a cue/bin recording software winCDR 3.8, and i can make an cue file from these files with segacuemaker, but i have to rename the BIN files to ISO & MP3 to make a cue file. Then i tryed to burn this CUE File, but CDR said that the WAV Files are incompatible or corrupt.

I had no problems when the audio files are in .wav & .mp3 then i could burn it easy and works great (thx to master akuma) but WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THIS ******* .BIN Files ?

I want them in WAV or MP3 !

sorry to ask such questions but it make me crazy !
Post a screenshot of a hexdump of the start of the start of the files. They could be in any format, the name and extension means nothing.