What the heck is up with this game?


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Look at some of the screenshots of this upcoming game:


what exactly is going on?
So if you fail that exam, you go to Paris and your roomies grab your breasts?

Oh my GAWD. Hentai goes hardcore, at last...
Dunno what's going on, but I like it
. There's been other Love Hina games, never played any of them though.

Every time I post at the moment I have to edit for typos.. Think I need some Typing of the Dead to sort it out.
you guys are funny

you act like you've never seem people sticking their faces in boobs and butts before!


you know, racketboy and Taelon bring up a really interesting point. if i wanted to see some action, i could just go watch some porn or some hentai or whatever, i dunno. but there is a much, much greater allure when you're actually PLAYING the action on a game console.

maybe we're all just perverts who can't get laid, but damn that game looks fun!
hentai games are usually pretty low on the whole game-play part of the gaming expeirence

unless it's one of those hentai games where you progress via some half assed puzzle game game play it's usually a matter of blindly stumbling throught the same menus a dozen times or so untill your characters sister gets naked and demands something obscene in bad snkgrish
I don't think the Love Hina games are generally all that risque.. But this one looks odd to say the least.
who on this board is under 15? and with tv now a days damn 6 years olds know the same amount about sex as i do in some cases, its disturbing.