What was your best party gaming experience?


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Please share your party gaming experiences!

Right now I would say that a spirited round of Pacman Vs. on the Cube was one of the best for me.

I'm sure there are others...
I rarely play multiplayer games, but my most memorable experience was with Perfect Dark on the N64. The Co-op and the amazing multiplayer mode. In fact the only games I've played with multiple people were almost all Rareware games. I love Rare; they have three games coming out this year :wub:
When my best friend came back on leave from the navy, he, i, my girlfriend and his ex had fun playing mario kart double dash and warioware inc. Not really a party but the best multiplayer experience that I've ever had.

THere were also nerd parties that I'd attend at high school where we'd go to the campus at night to play starcraft via lan and some random 4 player console game. Those are fond memories.
God this is a daily routine at my house... Im usually just a watcher (as I wake up mid party and I am heading to work not but 30 minutes later... I may pick up a controller for one round). With the multiple XBOX's and TVs in the house, there are people playing MechAssault and Halo2 constantly.

So onto the most recent "party" that was fun for the gamers, not fun for me.

I get home from work and lay in bed... Christa is snoring and keeping me awake, oh fuckin' joy. I kick her in the belly and the bitch just hiccups and then continues on snoring. Finally she comes too and insists on going to breakfast.

I say NO.

Brian my roommate over hears and dances around demanding it. He cons Dexter and Liz to go and finally me. Then even more and we have a crowd of 10 at Frannies, breakfast and back home for gaming. (I make a quick stop at my parents to discuss buying a house).

I come in and decide it is time for bed for me. They decide it's Halo2 time. 8 gamers, 2 viewers, VOLUME LOUD! I lie there for sometime listening to bangs and booms till I get fed up and come out screaming about how loud it is. I grab the controller to attempt turning it down, it doesn't go down. It dawns on me Brian had turned on the huge floor speakers I own. So I turn the receiver off and go lay back down.

Woken again by screams and hollers, "BITCH STOP CAMPIN'!!! greNADErade!" I scream back and they quiet down.

WOKEN AGAIN... to thump noises, more thump noises, then.... SMASH. Liz is now screaming at the top of her freakin' lungs. I come running out and no one is around. I go into dexter's room to find Liz on the ground picking up what is left of her smashed bong. There is a large round kickball rolling around on the floor. I look back into the living room and see 4 more kickballs laying on the floor.

THEY WERE PLAYING DODGEBALL! They decided between matches they would play winning team vs. losing team in dodgeball! IN THE HOUSE... in my living room to be exact. Yep that is where my 16 console collection, 800 video games, sound system, glass book shelf and SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLAR TV is!

Jean starts screaming about how childish James and Brian are for playing Dodgeball in the house. James calls her a hypocrite because she was playing too. I give her a dirty look.

Jean: "What I'm on your side!"

Me: "Yes, but with the wrong intentions."

She turns and bitches with Brian, I start in with the usual

ME: "Now as I had said this morning, no Dodgeball in my house, especially near my 57inch TV"

Everyone: "AHHH, all you fuckin' care about is that stupid TV!"

I go back to telling them what I want done, but now Brian, Jean and James ignore the shit out of me and bicker amongst eachother. So I screamed I would make heads roll and kicked everyone out to play Dodgeball at the park like normal humanbeings.

So by this time its 4:00 in the afternoon, my girlfriend is coming over at 6:00 PM to go out before work at 10PM! Luckily she let me sleep until 7...


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That doesn't sound like a good party gaming experience at all :lol:. Funny though. Dodgeball in the house? That's just silly.
DUD: your right, it wasn't good for me...

SO, my best EVER multiplayer party was a PC LAN party me and Brian had when we lived out in the Acreage. We invited everyone over including all of Mike's Unreal Clan. There was probably like 15 people there. We had 2 comps in my room 3 in Brians room. 2 fold out tables in the living covered with computers, 2 on the coffee table, 3 at the dining room table and one on the stove. We gamed for like 14 hours strait in "Unreal Tournament 2K?", "SoF2", "Counter Strike", and "neverwinter nights???". We got to the point of naming our characters weird names so when people got killed it would say things like "lil' baby jebus was beatin' down by the virgin mary" or "Duke Dickless killed his tiny pecker".

Good times...
I am shamed and have to say it was a wierd drunken night of playing Mario Kart DD on GC and about 2 hours of bomb battle. For some reason unleashing 10 bombs in 2 seconds while spraying them in a decent area looked really cool.
I'd have to say it's a tossup between playing Guardian Heroes and Samurai Shodown 2 with about 5 other people, or the first time my roomate and I played some 'co-op' Phantasy Star Online on the DC... one person on the controller, and the other at the keyboard. 'Get some!' was heard many a time.
Don't know if this really counts as a party gaming experience but, this is the single most heated game ever.

I was at my friend Mark's place a few years ago, playing NFL Blitz on PSX. We set it to six minute quarters, and started playing.

It just kept going back and forth, back and forth. Tie, break the tie, tie again, break it, repeat over and over again. We just couldn't get an advantage over the other.

We're now near the end of the fourth overtime. 132 - 132. I get a touchdown, but fail on my PAT. On his possesion, Mark gets a touchdown, and opts for the automatic extra point. Due to my failing mine, and Mark going for the auto, the score is 139 - 138. Time is running out as well. I manage to get a couple plays in and get to mid-field.

I call on my field goal unit, and get ready. Really tense and nervous. As you know if you've played NFL Blitz, you need to have the moving icon directly in the center if you want any shot at making a field goal.

I get it near the center....

The snap

The hold...

The kick...

It's up...

It's going through the uprights!

WHA?! NO!!! I missed it just barely! Hit the upright!

Mark wins 139 - 138.

Whew... What a game.
Beer Pong... By far my favorite multiplayer game... Many nights of great memories (or lack there of)... so what if it isn't a video game?! :D
skank, that does sound like fun!!!

oh wait, its almost season here, YEYEYEYEYEYEY!

The humidity of the summer brings huge granddaddys, and then in fall we get millions of bullets from the frigid nights and damp mornings... fall sucks though cause you have to go out at like 5 AM where in the summers they are ready around 1 AM.
Well, my friends and I in primary school were hooked on micro machines turbo ed. We had many epic battles racing around gardens and breakfast tables. ahhh they were happyer days. we even got 8 people playing once, that was an interesting experience - no one caould really get to grips with sharing a control pad, and most of the time everyone was just driving off the course - but it was lots of fun!
Don't know if this really counts as a party gaming experience but, this is the single most heated game ever.

I was at my friend Mark's place a few years ago, playing NFL Blitz on PSX. We set it to six minute quarters, and started playing.

That's nothing. I've gotten into fistfights over Tecmo Super Bowl before!
Ice: Death Tank = 6 Players

Death Tank Zwei = 7 Players


I've had too many awesome multiplayer experiences to list. Bomberman with 8 players (more then that and wide screen get shitty), where we would play 7 on 1 or on 6 on 2, odds against me. Yep I'd get my ass kicked.

Noon is a really awesome 4 player strategy game. It get's really intense when because you to decide between attacking another player or defending your space. It get's crazy when the other players game up on you.

DT\DTZ have always been fun, but too unbalanced for long gaming sessions. Basically the guy with the most money just keeps on buying death's heads and the noobs die before they even have a shot.

Firepro is probably the best multiplayer game on Saturn, the only problem is it has a HUGE learning curve.
Secret of Mana and Super Bomberman 2 on the SNES. Guardian Heroes, Saturn Bomberman, and Groove on Fight on the Saturn. Now a days is HALO2 and Mario Kart DD. Damn Mario is got some big ole titties.