what would unreleased game BETAS sell for?

About a year to a year-half ago, a company called Maximum Charisma Studios (MCS) was due to release a game called Fighting Ledgends.

The company lacked 'REAL' leadership and went under shortly after the 3rd stage of the Beta testing......(on a side note i still stay in touch with Dale Lullo (at the time, Director of Business Development for MCS))

ANYWAY....I did testing for stage 2 and 3 of the beta test.........and kept the CD's.....

my question is.....IF sold on ebay/etc... (to a collector or other) how much would somthing like this sell for?

also i found an old link to an interview dale did right before the company went under!Dale's Interview

PLEASE NOTE: the MCS Zone site link is dead now, and so is Dales MCS email address! (not a problem 4 me tho..... I have her MSN one!)
Why are you same damn excited? Well I dont really think anyone would be interested in paying for a beta and if so, not much. Maybe like a few bucks. What was it for?
it was 4 the PC.....and who says i'm excited...........if the police said they i could raid all game stores in the city of london and they'd look the other way..........THEN i'd be excited, cupcake boy!
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are the games any good?

I would think they'd be worth more if they were console games

I aggree on that.....The game itself was ok..... shame the servers are dead too....
if i could find space on the net i can post a video or two of the game.... (no promisses tho!))
I have all 3 BETA stages of the EQ online adventures game w/ all the manuals and shit they sent.....how much do u thin kI could get for those?
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I have all 3 BETA stages of the EQ online adventures game w/ all the manuals and shit they sent.....how much do u thin kI could get for those?

there are probably enough collectors on ebay that you could probably get a decent chunk of change.

if it's not common and its something popular, you could be surprised how much you can get for junk on eBay

I had some old Teen People magazine a few years ago that the girl I worked with left with my stuff.

It had the Backstreet Boys on the cover. I sold it for like $20!

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How much shoudl I start the bid? 20 bucks? it's 3 discs....

start it at least under $10

the lower the start, the more bids you'll get -- getting more people attached to it.

plus after $10 the fees start going up
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fees? sorry never sold on EBay before...

listing fees

then you have closing fees

check out the "fee schedule" it breaks it down for you

worst case scenario -- you don't sell it for $10 -- you lose about $.20
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Hmmm....how they gunna get it out of me if I don't sell it?

you have to give them a checking account of credit card when you sign up to sell for the first time
Maybe if it was the EQ beta and if it were 10 years from now...but I kinda doubt any mmog betas will be worth much. I have the fighting legends beta also...I didn't like the game too much

Beta's usually are worth something only when they are still in beta and it is a highly demanded game. Some people will really want to or need to play it asap and therefor pay a good amount for the beta. I've done it before
humm i dont think your allowed to sell betas correct me if im wrong of course but its meant to be for the person who signed up for it.