what's an sfv?

You don't have to do anything with it. If theres an error in the files you download you can get a program to check the sfv and it will determine the "authenticity" of a particular set of files. A program called quicksfv is the best...it's what I use anyways.
The SFV file itself doesn't do anything. It contains a list of CRC32 values for a set of files. An SFV program runs the CRC32 algorithm on your copy of the files and makes sure they're the same (actually, this isn't guaranteed, but in practical terms a corrupt file is fairly unlikely to produce the same CRC32 value as the original). It's just a way to find out  if any of the files in a "set" are corrupt.

If that's not enough info, go read this
you can leave it in the directory or delete it. the game will still burn and play fine. its basically a way to make sure the game is okay and not corrupted before you start making coasters.
ok well i have never downloaded a bin/cue beofre so tell me if what i'm about to say sounds right. I want to burn this game and i have a bunch of files that read snatcher.001 snatcher.002 etc all the way to snatcher.38 it says that the file type on all of them except the sfv is an 001, 002, 003 file etc corrosponding with the extension. So basically, what do i do now? Oh and these aren't rared and didn't come rared
Actually, those are RAR files; they're just named differently.

Snatcher.001 = Snatcher.rar

Snatcher.002 = Snatcher.r00

Snatcher.003 = Snatcher.r01

Snatcher.004 = Snatcher.r02 and so on...

All you need to do is open the first file "Snatcher.001" with WinRAR and Extract. You can open the Snatcher.001 file by dragging and dropping the it into a WinRar window, or you can double click on it and choose WinRar in the that little Open With window.
I believe a real Sega CD can help you more than I can,

Besides, I've never tried any of those Sega CD emulators before.

If you got a BIN and CUE file after extracting, that should be all you need.
I did but it freezes and it's annoying. It freezes right after the all charecters are fictional blah blah blah thing.
ah crap i tried that and it still gets stuck where it traditionally gets stuck... in the turbo cycle. Is there any other program that will basicallly do the same thing as binchunker? I heard that binchunker puts pregaps in between so maybe that's it.