What's it look like...

Hi again :)

Just wondering what your computer desktop looks like?

I'll put mine up in the morning. Im running WinXp with Style Xp and i think it looks pretty good. :)

Good Night :)


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Quote: from Fabrizo on 5:49 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

Well, might as well post a pic of my desktop to:


Tip: If you set Icon Spacing (Vertical) to 42 pixels, that should give you 10 rows of icons on your desktop instead of the 9 that you have on screenshot above.

BTW, I see that you only have the Volume Control icon on your system tray. Did you disable/kill the other system tray icons manually, or did Windows semi-crash on you prior to taking that screenshot, or is your setup really like that?
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Thanks MasterAkumaMatata for the advice on the icons, but right now my comp won't let me change almost anything. Its been pretty messed up latly. And normaly I would have more icons down in my system tray but it semi-crashed a couple minutes before I took the pic.
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