whats the story..

now you have to call a euro 1-900 number to get the code to dl the isos? sheeit.. i wish people like that would juss piss the #### off.. if you dont want to contribute to the scene, dont.. ya sure as #### dont deserve to get paid for what we all consider a hobby..

anyone has the code, go ahead and post it so we can screw 'em over
:p i just think the idea of forcing you to make a 5 dollar call (not to mention the overseas fees on top of that) to be able to leech a saturn iso is infinately lamer than the 100 popups and porn banners you go through on your average warez website..

but im sure someone could call from say a neighbours or ex girlfriends house, get the 'code' and post it, so they wont make a nickel on their little 'saturn warez for profit' scheme..

ta be honest thou theres nothing there you couldnt find in one of the ftps on this forum.. but its the thought that counts..