Whats you favorite Saturn Shooter and why?


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My personal fav is Thunder Force V because of it's awesome music, gameplay, and effects! Gotta love it in act 3 when all your ships go in the machine world and the music is THUMPIN! #### yea!

Sorry Radiant Silvergun but if you had better music you would be in my #1 position.
Radiant Silvergun.


Great story.(Something you don't see in many Shooters)

Great music.(From the man behind the Final Fantasy Tactics sounds...)

Great gameplay.(many weapons,greatly designed backgrounds,cool enemies.)

Great graphics.(I don't think i have o add something to this point...still one of the best looking.)

And what i most like about Radiant Silvergun is what comes out if you add all all those ingredients....the athmosphere this game creates is unique.
Radient Silvergun!!!!!! Also, (don't know if this counts but...) Maximum Force. Love the nude women in the bonus round.
Radiant Silvergun for me. The boss that's in 3 parts on 'lifts' while you are hurtling down is nothing short of incredible.

Then Shienryu I think. I don't think TFV comes close to the MegaDrive ones...
Radiant Silvergun is the best shooter ever, I've never seen such bosses: well prepared and ambiented with music and backgrounds.

The last part of Xiga is amazing, I almost feel that my heart beats as Xiga's rythm.
what baout cotton 2 or cotton boomerang, its amazing and has one of the best soundtracks for a shoter

yea..i know its short but i still play it onece and again

also radiant silvergun its...well its very well done, and the game is one of the best looking games of the 32 bit era
I've gotta say Battle Garegga, I wasn't too fond of it at first but I just started playing it more and more. It's great because of the realistic feel (enemies fire real bullets, etc.) and the considerable challenge...

I love RS, but it got a bit repetative, just not enough enemy variation, but what great bosses!!!
Oh, the why. Umm, how can you not love a shooter that has you competing in a race against opponents at the same time?
Rajin Z, would 'Shippu Mahou Daisakusen' translate to something like 'grand prix kingdom'? If so I've heard great things about it...
Hmmm...I would have to say PDZ. I know its not a traditional shooter but its the perfect marriage between style and gameplay.
I thought so, too bad I can't find it anywhere to play it. Came out for arcade and saturn so someone must have it...
I know one person who has it, but I hate him. Not "internet hate" him, HATE HIM. Ah well. If I ever see it anywhere, I'll be sure to share it. Like I TRIED to do with Fighting Vipers.

EDIT: Found the arcade rom. I guess that will do fine, since turning my TV sideways to play it on Saturn would be BAD.

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