Whats your day job?

Hehe .. dont tell me you believed that .. lol ..

If I was FBI ull be all busted for sexual harrasment :biggrin: .. in real i work in mod chips for PSX , PS2 , PS1 .... etc ..
Hmmm, Im wondering, sience you work in mod chips, how much do you charge for one? I think I am going to end up needing one for once. I was just the other day offered a copy of thrill kill at the Game Trading Zone, its a burned copy, but its the version where the the kill-o-meter is still in it, and all the movies are intact. I wan't to get the game but if I can't play it, whats the point?
Oh well .. ill tell you how we sell .. if want one $12 .. if 4-5 then 9$ .. if 6-10 $7.50 .. if 11-16 $6.50 .. if more than that then its $4.80 .. but if someone wants a special amount then we make a special price .. but since ur such a smart ass with many posts .. and I joined before you and you have many more posts than me then ill give you one for $8 ....

That was for PSX .. there is other prices for PS2 .. Saturn ... etc ... youll have to email me for that .. Melvin@Melvin.com .. and with the chips you recieve the instruction and comes in a cool looking case n crap ..