Whats your favorite snack?


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so hard to decide

ruben sandwiches

with orange juice (preferably orange juice with gin in it)

rice crackers are pretty good too

...any thing with coconut in it too i guess
hmmmm....snacks aye? Cheez-it's are good........I am kinda oldschool, I would have to say pretzels (sp¿) and a bud light.....those damn things are addicting! u just keep eatin and eatin and eatin....!!!!


1. Cereal

2. Cheez-Its

But of course, the one thing I could have anytime, anyday of the week:

:cheers The way it was meant to be called :agree


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hey, they make big red again, so i'd imagine pop's pretty appropriate

everything old is new again

except me, i haven't been carded for alchohol in the longest time


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around indiana, every carbonated, sugary beverage is called a "coke." so, it would be something like..

"do you want a coke?"

"yeah, sure."

"what kind?"

"uh.. root beer."


ps. my favorite snack is an amy's roasted vegetable cheeseless pizza, rolled up like a wrapper. either that or BBQ seitan.


It's a soda God damnit!

Snacks hm... those little debbie snack cake things, cheetos, funyuns, cheese sticks are always good... oh and pizza bagels. Yes those are a snack if you only eat 2 or 3


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Definitely Triscuts, original. My second favorite being Cheez-its or Gold Fish. With that I will have a POP please, any kind except pepsi.