What's your worst experience with a game system or game?

I think mine would be... the 32X... You can plug Genesis games into the 32X and play them just fine, as it saves you the effort of disassembling your binary-bonded monsters. I put MADDEN 93 in and turned the power on. The sound that resulted could best be described as "POK....HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....". Uh oh, nothing's happening. Maybe I'll take the 32X off of the Genesis and try it alone. Nothing. Urban Strike. Nothing. Sonic 3. Nothing. Great. Took the Genesis apart. Nothing burned out, system still got warm when it was on. Underside of the motherboard, a disconnected wire. Easy fix. I soldered it back to where it came from, and tried again. Nothing worked, yet again. 32X fried my Genesis. I took the Genesis out into the driveway and killed the #### out of it with a cinder block. Tossed it in the trash. Walked about 4 miles to the area used/new/import game shop, and traded my 32X for a Genesis 2 so I could still play my Genesis games. I hate 32X. Utterly. Later my Genesis and all of my games except Sonic 3 "magically disappeared" while I was visiting some relatives. When I came back and noticed it missing, nobody seemed to know what happened to it.

I guess I've been fortunate. I've never had a problem with any of the consoles I own. But then, as a collector, I take really good care of them, ie. dust covers and the like. When and if I trade a game, people usually remark on their good condition. And yes I do play them.
The time I bought a 3rd party DC fighter pad thingy and watched it blow out my DC, All my Controllers, and all my VMU's (And saved games!).
Now read this:

I have my brand new Sega CD at home,connected with my Mega Drive playing.I turn it out,do something else.Then some friends come by,so i turn it on for us to play a bit Road Avenger.What happens? "khhhhhhhh MMMMM khhhhhhhh"-nosound.Shit.I turn it off.I plug it out,plug it in again,what happens?Still no sound!I couldn't play mega drive with TV sound anymore.Only through the AUX cables of the Mega CD.
the day i got a gameshark and it toasted my n64. i loved playing turok 2 hmmm cerebral bore, stun gun, and the tec-bow. that was a year ago. seems i have bad luck with the cheat carts and nintendo stuff i used a genie for nes and my nes was never was quite stable again. oh well never ever buy third party and cheat carts are devil spawn. :( but i have never had any trouble with my sega stuff. hehe :)
I like my PS2! Anyways, my worst was when I was about 7 and I couldn't beat the last guy on a WWF Gameboy game, so I headbutted it really hard and smashed all the screen. I had a bad temper as a child..
My worst experience was considering buying a PS2. I got over it tho, and I still haven't bought one

Likewise (unless you count selling my Neo Geo and picking up Visual Basic 3.0 with the cash, but I prefer to pretend that never happened). The really sad part is that I wanted it for a game that, by all rights, should have been on Dreamcast: Gradius 3+4. Somehow I convinced myself that this treachery wasn't really so bad, and that $350 really isn't so much. Luckily that tiny non-Gradius part of my brain started shouting at me. I think it was saying things like "You moron, you could probably get the arcade versions for less than that!", but I don't remember.
Hmmm...Probably the time when my NES erased my FF1 save and I drop kicked the thing and it broke in half. My foot hurt like #### afterwards.

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My worst experience had to be fitting a Messiah mod chip to my brother's PS2 (so he could play imports on it). I'm not an inexperienced solderer by any means, but that was by far the trickiest bit of soldering I've ever done - it's a miracle I didn't destroy the board.

You people even give your stuff a cursory glance before you plug it in?

I mean all these consoles just exploding when you plug in 'accessory a'... never had anything like that.. and I've plugged about everything there is into every slot it'll fit in..

Once I told my wife I was going to create a wrestler in her image in RAW for x-box. When I picked Rikishi and gave him black hair, she didn't find it as funny as I did. That was my worst gaming experience.
Not really a "worse" here but here you go...Lunar Sega cd...I somehow subconsioulsy (Im tired to type) play lunar in my sleep (!) I mean seriously.......I fall asleep playing. Next thing you know when I woke up in farther then I was! My sis freaks out when I do this. "Mysta you still awake??" "Huh? NO go back to sleep" "NO stop playing Lunar" "WHAT?!" anyways back to the forums lol
riiiiiiiiiiiiight... well, mine would have to be when i was sega channel with my friends... *drool* *sega channel* *drool* and we had just gotten past this hard level in this weird game where you had to defuse bombs in newyork city or something and you could only see a certian area of light around you. Any way, we had been playing all night cause you can't save sega channel process and when we were on the second to last level i got a the STE or "stupid-freaking-error" that you always get in sega channel warning that it is not reciving a clear signal and will damage your game unit. Then it disconnects. GOD WE WERE SO #### CLOSE!
Plan 1: Internet Entrance Examination

Plan 2: Shotgun-equipped CRT and LCD displays

Then the internet will be perfect....

Worst addendum.... Fuck you very much, Sega. I believe it was their plan to get every 32X to kill every Model 1 Genesis it they were attached to so all the good little rich kids would go buy a new Genesis 2.

Second worst.... PS2 stopped reading Armored Core 2 and Armored Core 2: Another Age for no reason. Plays Tony Hawk 3 (DVD), Dynasty Warriors 2 (CD), and DVD movies just fine. That was just a few weeks ago. It's not an uncommon problem. Fuck you very much, Sony.

Third worst.... Troubleshooting my Saturn's inexplicable sound outtages. Had a capacitor on the power board discharge into my right hand. I forgot what that felt like.

Fourth worst.... Chipped someone's model 3 PSX. The drive controller died. $90 repair job for a freebie I was doing in the first place.

Fifth worst.... My model 1 Gameboy's screen blitzed. Subjected to the most hellish boredom of recent memory for months after that.
Worst gaming experience? Hmmmm.... probably when I took my mod out of my Sat after I accidentally broke the blue wire (about three weeks after a successful install :)). I forgot AND broke the number one rule when it comes to mods (Sat, PSX, etc.): Don't walk on the carpet with them, or else they fry. I might mod my Sat again. I might not. Hmmm.....

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