Where can I buy domains cheap?


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Hey guys,

I'm looking to buy a domain name. The cheapest I found were for around $12 for one year, but I distinctly remember seeing domains for cheaper a few months back, around $8 or so. Can anybody recommend a website where I can get a domain name for cheap? Thanks in advance.
Wow, $8 a year. That's a good deal. When I bought my domain for my now dead website, it cost me $70 for two years. Times they be a changing.
Well I don't really believe there was anything that cheap when I registered my domain name, I think it was over 3 years ago, might even have been 4 not sure. Maybe it might have been that I didn't look hard enough. Eh, can't change that now.
I got screwed by burlee.com when I launched my first site. They had the best rates plus they offered, "Free domain name registration." Free domain name registration means that they send your credit card information to register.com and you get to pay $70 dollars for 2 years. Bastards.