Where can I buy SCART plugs and sockets?

Ever since some friends of mine got RGB-capable monitors, I've been trying to locate some SCART 21-pin sockets and plugs that would be integral in building adapters for them. SCART cables for individual systems are very easy to find, but I'm not interested in mangling each and every one of them just so they'll work on a particular monitor.

Does anyone know of an online hardware shop/whatever that sells these 21-pin sockets/plugs in the US (or at least one that will ship to the US)?

id suggest you try looking for a general electronics store (either online or otherwise) or, if youve got a broken pal tv (highly unlikly) you could take the socket off that

the problem your going to have is finding one at all in the us, since its a european standard socket anyway, afaik nothing like anything used in the us maplin.co.uk

they sell them, but i cant find any info on their shipping there

also cpc sell them, but their shipping info doesnt state one way or the other