Where can i found shining force cd?

hi i m not begging an iso i m just asking if anyone have a good site to find this game ! thxs a lot god bless u!
You're obviously not that l33t if you need to request a game.

Oh yeah, don't bother splitting hairs about begging; the rules (which I'm sure you've read) state:

Do not ask for games

First post on the board...and unfortunatly you ARE begging an ISO, contrary to your belief.

Judging from your improper use of english I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you perhaps don't understand the rules? BAH...I'm sure the mods will help you out here.
Wow, this much activity over one newbie's game request.

Can't you think of anything else to post about in the Sega CD forum. ???

It's been very quiet lately...