Where do I learn to burn sega CDs?

So I've figured out how to rip the CDs to iso and such... how do I rip it back to a CDR? What does the exact format have to be? Say if you're looking at a dir that contains a .iso. a .cue, and several .mp3s. You want to rip a CDR that is playable on the console, not just the emu. What format does the sound need to be in? Is there a tutorial someplace that could show me how to rip a playable CDR? I'd like to be able to play some of the games I have shrinkwrapped but don't want to open them.
I did that before posting... the help files show you how to rip from original CD to hard drive. I need to know how to rip something I've downloaded to CDR so it's playable on the console. I am trying to be able to play some of the shrinkwrapped games I bought that I don't want to open...
I've read most of them... they're not really tutorials in general, just on how to use specific burning softwares. I'll read the rest of them. From what I've gotten so far I need to convert the mp3 to wav and make sure I keep it in the right order. Thanks for being so nice to a newbie.
OK first off, everyone is like this to a newb it you ask dumb questions. And it doesn't matter if you are a newbie or not, but you ask dumb questions, you will get yelled at. You should really try actually READING some of the stuff on this site. Serously, did you even look in the misc. section? http://www.litespeedcomputers.com/sx/misc/burn.doc Was taht so hard?
Thanks for the link, but am I imagining things or does that link say "Saturn Burning Instructions"? I am asking about Sega CDs. There is no way I could know offhand whether or not the format is the same on either CDs as they are entirely different platforms.
it's the EXACT same format. Look, this will come in handy for future refrence. A game cd is a game cd and they are all the same. Making it for one platform or another doesn't matter. Unless they are on DVD or something.