Where do yo get your classic games?

Used game stores? K-Mart?

I've been nabbing games for a few months from area (I mean 40 mile radius from my house) Goodwill stores. Nothing good for the CD systems yet, but I got a pile of Genesis and Master System games for under $10. Sweetness.
...basically anywhere where you can go & afford
They have box's of left over Chinese pirate Famicom carts and multi-carts at some of the electronics/variety stores in Pacific mall.

Final Fantasy/Megaman 2 at FunCo: $25

Final Fantasy/Megaman 2 at Goodwill: $3

Although I DID get a Powerbase Converter and a Super Multitap at FunCo for $5 each... This year, no less. o_o
ya just have to learn when to buy when prices are low at funcoland. Like when genesis was less than 10 dollars, now it's around 30. Also go around to grage sales and open marts and buy up all the rare stuff for dirt cheap, trade it in at a premium, and go back to step one, spend the credit when prices are low.

Goodwill in my area has been a huge rip-off recently, charging $325 bucks for an Apple computer from the 80's!!!!! lol. I knew Mac's were expensive but come on!
online or the local flea market

flea market kicks ass for genesis carts

can occasionally fidn saturn games for very cheap

but damn those suckers try to fleece you on ps1 and dc games.

if you hit up garage sales or flea markets remember to haggle as the seller will pretty much always take less than what they're asking for