Where to upload my Neo-Geo CDs??

So it goes like this.....I want to provide the dammed games to SX and I was going to put them on Haukkes FTP but now its private only, so I gotta upload them somewhere else now....I guess this is the question. Who has been with SX the longest? Who is the most RELIABLE to stay here with us so people can download what I upload.....I will ONLY upload them to that persons ftp....and if that person splits after grabbing a bunch of games, I will simply ONLY put them on my web page from time to time.....it takes too long to upload all these games just to reupload them somewhere else a bit later.... So whoever is the person thats got the most reliable ftp here at SX in the FTP-A section, step up to the plate, and give me your ftp info, I shall upload them there. and NO im not mad at Haukke for leaving the public and going private, he had good reasons....So dont get mad at him either, hes still with SX just private accounts only....ok. So let the games begin. Ill be waiting for the email.
To me the finest is Ralos but we all know that he has problem with his space and his server is a "Saturn-only". (Not much of help eh?
You could upload them to my computer... Being that I just bought a NGCD, I could use the games.
Being that my upstream transfers are crap, sharing with others would be hard (As some people may have noticed with my last attempt). Man I hate cable... LIMITATIONS SUCK!!! ???
Neo-Geo CD games ... well if you can please upload them to my box .. but first check what i have so you upload same game ..

xakep.hn.org port: 2002

look: look/look

upload: upload/upload

Thanks !
XAKEP are your neo geo cd games the real bin/cue's or were they once an ISO/MP3 shit rip? just curious, as I need more normal cd rips and not the iso/mp3....neo geo cd systems can be too picky.....

Locksole's FTP....I think hes private only as well....

and KBW I wouldnt mind but I need them to get around as much as possible and start eliminating all of the neocd iso/mp3 sh!t off of the net.....iso/mp3 neo cds are too much trouble, plus most of them were ripped really horribly....so you would need to share them all as much as possible to the public, otherwise its a waste of my time.
Hey Fakk upload those NeoGeo Cd's at Gameunit...


everyone seems to get really fast speeds here.. Let me know..

Fakk2, if you need another place to upload, i'm coming back into the FTP scene, had to leave due to computer woes. Let me know. Currently just looking for another Hard Drive to post the collection of stuff that i have to reup to my server.
Well, Since Ive allready got a bunch of stuff on Haukkes FTP allready its a tough decision where to upload them, I think Im going to just put them on my web page for now 1 at a time like Ive been doing....its easier for everyone to get them that way.....even though it seems Ive been busy or lazy these days to change the games over....well its simple, I work on my PC amung burning cds and other stuff I dont have time to do it.....I need someone to simply change/update the page for me when I dont have the time to do it....Ratta, do you want the job? Do ya know how to do it? let me know. I no longer use/have ICQ my PC has been reformatted and everything...just email me or sumthin.