Where'd it go?

Yeah guys .. i opened the topic and they deleted it .. when i came back i tried to find it with no use .. i knew someone must have deleted it .. however .. who deleted at least give a reason why .. *sigh*

By the way .. Cloud Kicks ass ...
Well yeah i am ... actually i had a long story with FF7 .. i am so disappointed that i dont have it .. and ebay dudes sell it for fortune .. i cant play it anymore :(
Well do you plan on gettin the remake of ff7? Their remaking ff7-ff9 for the ps2you know. I have some video footage of ff8's remake and #### does it look sweet!
Woow .. really .. cool man .. then i am going to buy as as soon as its out .. i collected some money for a new Sega CD but i think ill be the remakes .. thanx for the info brother.
That FF8 clip is just one of the test movies from when PS2 was in development, to see how movies would look on the PS2.

It's not from a remake, and no work on the supposed remakes haven't even started yet.
Sorry to tell you but that is DEFINETLY real time. Its obviously pre rendered in character and camera movement, but the actual grafx are in real time, no doubt about it.
sorry ppls... dont mean to do this...


whats the point of posting a FF based topic on a sega board?

sure, it is the general topic, and hentai has breifly been mentioned (;)), but more interest would surely be shown on a PSX board or something...


sorry, just had to get that off my chest

btw cloud and squall both suck

nigel from landstalker RULES ;)

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Shaneus each one has its own openion .. my fav. is Iori Yagami .. Cloud and then Squall are on my list too .. nigel is good too .. but you should learn how to respect other peoples opinions ... just like we respect yours..
Fabriza .. Thank you man for everything i really get a good use of your information .. you do know alot .. if i was owner .. ill make you .. Arakon .. and MasterAkumaMatata the admins .. you guys rock :)
ya, ty guys :)

was just fairly frustrated that day, due to other events *cough* Shenmue II *cough*

btw and lets not forget Avatar from ultima ;)