Which do and which dont?

is it that the goldstar systems have a protection that prevents em from playing backups, or is it just the quality of the lazer? (ie; turbo duo or sega cd units all play em fine, its just the media you use that can screw it over)

if its a protection, which models have it, which dont?
theres no protection on 3do, its just the laser having difficulty reading some discs

panasonic fz-1's are supposed to be the least picky, but ive seen posts from people using goldstars with cd-rs

if it doesnt work try swapping to another brand of blanks
thx for the info.. i had a chance to order a spankin new virgin fz-10, just wanted to know if i had a shot at backups for it..

i stocked up on 400 of the maxell cd-rs which are the only i've found that my turbo duo likes, im sure my new 3do will like 'em just as much..

now if someone can help me find a shelving unit to house all these #### consoles..

my bedroom looks like spocks ass exploded

i have no idea what that last comment means :/
Just go to your local Wal-Mart / Target / K-Mart / etc. and look for closet shoe shelves. They're about a yard high with two shelves for a pair of shoes on each. I've got one of those sitting on my dresser beside my entertainment center. Put one system on the bottom, one on each shelf, and one on the very top.