White Saturn wont work

hi there, i have a jap white saturn, which suddenly during a game of waku waku 7 the other day decided to stop working, when you press the power switch the green light comes on but nothing else happens - no disc spinning etc, this has happened once b4 but it decided to work the next day then, now it wont. any ideas?
the power connector is the white thing at the back...check that that's in properly. If it is, take it off and also take off the power supply thingy (where the power connector is connected too) and clean the 5 pins near the bottom of the board.

If it still doesn't work you need to take EVERYTHING apart...so off comes the power supplyer, CD motar, ribbon cables and the metal shielding. Make sure there is NO solder on any of the chips.

Then come back and tell of your progress.