White Saturns no longer White?


I am the porud owner of a model 2 white saturn, which is slowly turning an off white. Has anyone out there found a way that will return the console back to its original colour with cleaners etc, or is it something to do with the actiual plastic and no way around it?
Hmmm, from that document you gave me, it seems that it may have something to do with UV..... but i just bought the saturn new (believe it or not) about 6 months ago, everything wraped in plastic, etc.

The discoloration only seems to be at the front of the saturn where the buttons are, so to me it seems like dirty hands etc, but it would have to be fairly crap plastic to discolour so quickly. Plus im not a grub, so i dont know why it gets so dirty so quickly.

The reason why i thought that it might be UV, is because that when you open the CD tray, it is really white inside.

anyway, any more suggestions?

If it´s turning a sad yellow, solar radiation can be responsible. But maybe it´s dirty. When I repair old computers like Amstrad CPC Plus, C64 or A500 I always use a wet tooth cleaner and alcohol, I obtain good results. Maybe It´s a better idea the use of water products, like the soap you use with dishes, and the tooth cleaner. It´s less agressive to the machine. Maybe, the problem it´s only this... last day I cleaned my saturn RAM cartrigde, wich was turning gray, and now it´s white again
( oh !, and RAM cartrigde it´s only six months old !!, and I never touch it directly with my hands... you saturn is old enough to be dirty )
1) disassemble saturn

2) take case to sink

3) scrub with bleach

Or, if that don't work:

1) disassemble saturn

2) take case outside

3) attack with white spray paint
Smoke can also cause this kind of discoloration (not to mention malfunctions) too, so you might want to make sure that nobody smokes near your favorite systems...
Thats a common problem with the Super NES, the cartridge in area would stay greay, but the rest of the system would turn a yellow type colour. Its a pain in the ass and uglies up the system quite a bit.
The funkiest discoloration I have ever seen is the model 1 Super Nintendo. The top half of the casing is UV resistent but the bottom isin't So after years of use the bottom begins to yellow and the top half stays as beautiful as the day you got it
The model 2 system was made entirely of UV resistent plastic.

And yes, I have seen this happen to more than 20 model 1 snes units almost all located in smoke-free homes
my cousins snes looked so nasty till my uncle one day got a can of gray primer and repainted the entire thing gray looks kinda cool actually.
Hey, if you're looking for a pretty good solution to your stuff changing weird-ass colors, look for this spray dye stuff called Molecubond. Most wal-marts and auto stores have it. It's like a plastic and vinyl dye, and it will change ANY video game system to whatever color you want. White, red, black, gray, green, blue.....

It's neat the way it works, it just kind of seeps into the plastic and changes the color... it doesn't layer up like paint. I took my nasty-ass yellowing SNES and sprayed it with black; now it looks like it was molded in black plastic...

There's a color chart here:


i tried using bleach, but iut didnt work, i tried it on a very discoloured control pad and it had no affect! it has been 2 days since i have done it, but the plastic still seems okay.

I have also tried using a thing called "nifty" it is some cleaning product, it didnt do much, but it worked a little bit. I also had no ill-side affects on the plastic.

any one tried anything else?
A sure fire way would be to use something really abrasive that actually eats off the top layer of plastic. You could try some White Spirit as this seems to be aggressive in this manner, but do it somewhere that you'll not notice it if it screws up.

In the future, keep it out of direct sunlight as this will cause the most damage.
its risky, just drop the casing in a bucket of bleach for a few hours, the shit is corroxive, buut if you notice any odd bubling, take t out.. put it in the dishwasher maybe, what gets my shoes clean , haha
this is what we do with plastic covers on printers at work, which usually get them looking much better

put them in a warm bath of water with a normal hard surface cleaner (we use stuff called proton, but anything non-scented should work)

leave them to soak for a minute or so, then remove them and brush them over using a large paintbrush dipped in the water

then rinse and dry

this gets rid of most of the dirty marks and such that get built up on them, and wont damage them either.

it works particually well on tobacco smoke buildup btw

if that doesnt help, id suggest you leave it as it is, as your more likly to make it look worse by using anything abrasive or corosive, ( bleach is definitely not a good idea)

the only other thing that might work is monitor cleaner (the anti-static foam stuff)