who here has done this........


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would be nice if it could be done through the serial port (DC coders cable) for some kind of always-on solution..

the modem thing is a pain in the ass.. Its just as easy to plug it into the wall as it is to your PC and use a dial up (faster too)

the broadband adaptor would be nice to use but probably not to the point that I'd pay 3x what a new DC costs to get one..

i could really care less about online play.. I just want to mebbe surf from the couch every once in awhile, download vmus and whatnot..


yeah, the onlything i really want a DC internet connection for is to download game saves. I like my n64 dex drive, and it would be cool to be able to do the same thing with my dreamcast, but oh well.


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My interact 8x mem card for dreamcast can do the same thing and it has a cable that goes from the pc to ur vmu, it's very nice. :)