Who here owns a mac?

I would like to know who has a REAL mac? I need some info from them as well as some file transfers since I forgot how the hell 7.5 and 8.x works! (Been since the 80´s since I last used a Mac) Hell dont even have number munchers anymore =(

Anyways I have a few friends that run OS X but doesnt help me much.....if you have a Power Mac or so please let me know. Thanks.

(Why am I running mac? Well I grew up with it before 286....)
I gotta Powerbook 5300cs (The first Powerbook to have PPC technology
) with OS 7.6. What do you mean by file transfers? Like PC to Mac?

Also.... that's not the only reason why you're using a Mac

the other is... 'Cause Macs rule!
gfx design is all they are good pieces of you know what clunky unusable good for nothing school computers. and why i will never own one. brand new mac and thing was slower than my p166 with 64mb of ram back in the day running photoshop.
Actually IF I bought a NEW mac, It of course be a iMac laptop! Looks NICE my compaq is nice looking too! Even has a TRUE mp3 button!
I have a PowerMac 8500/120 in storage, it used to run MacOS 8.5 before I broke it
. But I think I still have some stuff on CDs, what are you looking for specifically?
Mac 8.1-8.4 really....nothing PPC based. 68000 macs only....Been awhile and im stuck on 7.5.3 so far. But I need to talk via emails or icq for full talks. Otherwise this forum would become a massve real time chat =P

Email me if yas can =) Gonna try to play warcraft on this LOL
Just which Mac are you using?

If it is a 680x0 mac you'd probably be better of with 7.6.1.

It's not cutting edge, but it doesn't need much ram, and runs pretty fast. A newer system will probably just slow down an already slow machine.

I've got a 9500. I recently upgraded it it. It's now 200MHz, 272MB with a Rage128 from a B&W G3. Didn't cost too much but sure made a difference.
Hmm score one for diablo 1!!!!! LOL

Anyways I was trying to upgrade to 7.5.5 form apple.com and I got the file but when trying to do it it sayd Needed Disk Copy or something (Otherwords it WOULDnt work) Then for fun im installing my older games. War2 and D1....Well LOW AND BEHOLD D1 has a 7.5.5 upgrade on the cd!!! It worked!!! LOL As for 7.6 or 8.1 I do not have these. I have to buy those since apple.com doesnt have them as freeware yet. However I AM trying to get reaccuinted with a old friend.....Been too long since I looked at them. DAMN I MISS THOSE DAYS! Like geez no unistall.....just delete the whole thing into trash! =)
i want to get a mac -- probably an iBook within the next year.

All the iLife apps look pretty sweet and OS X makes me drool.
Originally posted by racketboy@Jan. 16 2003, 7:09 pm

i want to get a mac -- probably an iBook within the next year.

All the iLife apps look pretty sweet and OS X makes me drool.

Ya know, I never thought I'd think that way too. It doesn't help that Windows keeps pushing me that way. If XP doesn't decrease my ever growing hatred of all things Windows when I finally install it, I may just be the next guy on one of those Apple "switch" commercials.

"I hate Windows. Period. My name's Tom, and I'm a student."
You could try the 68k mla website. It's got a forum and you may be able to 'find' a copy of Mac os 8 there. Otherwise you'd probably have to buy it off ebay. I've also got a full version of 7.6 and a disk of 8 I happened to find one day on a hotline server. I've got an ol LC 520, a couple of Mac SE's that I boot up just for the heck of it once in a while. You could also got to the macintosh garden, it's got a bunch of abandonware stuff on there too.


Macintosh Garden
Man, I swear, why am I always busy when these topics come arround...

If you want, I've been using Macs since they've came out, and I used an Apple ][ before that. I should be able to help you. If you use IRC at all, I'm in my site's chatroom 24/7 (well, not literally, I sleep and have a life and all

/server irc.webmaster.com

/join #macemu

Or if you would rather use AIM, give me your name so I can add you to my buddy list. Then wait for "JonFromCT" to bug you.

EDIT: Probely disregard this. I was just looking at the post dates, and it looks like someone is bumping old topics. I was going to say, I didn't think the Battle Mystic still went here.