Who want to put some ISO´s on my FTP

If someone is intrested to put some CD32 or YES Amiga CDTV games on my FTP please feel free to up them on my FTP.

There´s no good CD32 or CDTV FTP out, or is there one??

I own a Amiga CDTV but I can´t deal with rip´s at the moment, coz I don´t own a CD for it

I also need to buy a remote control for it so, I can play some games with it
My CDTV came without remote control.

Here´s my FTP login info:


download l/p: sega/sega

upload l/p: upload/upload

look l/p: look/look

Port 21
Try acdldp.emuunlim.com for some CD 32 / cdtv games.

I am the webmaster of that site.

I have lots of CD 32 / CDTV stuff.

PM me if you want something from my database.