Who wants ti help a newbie?

I've d/led CuteFTP and WS_FTP LEBut I can seem to connect. I've been trying to connect to Tepes and VBT's. Neither of those would work, and thinking that they just might have been down I tried ftp://ftp.cerious.com and that didn't work either. I could connect to cerious through Inet Exp. So who wants to help me configure WS_FTP? Please? I'll be your best friend.



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ummm are you connected behind a router? if I was you I'd play around with cuteftp's settings a bit, defealt settings will get you banned from most ftp's for hammering ^_^. You might try turning PASV on, see if that works for ya.
No, actually I'm on a dialup. What if there are explicit instructions for PASV to be off? Like on Tepes post?



I just went and played with WS_FTP settings. But I really didn't see anything. Come to think of it I don't remember seeing anything about PASV. The closest thing was "Passive Transfers".

I dunno....All this for one game I remember when I was younger. Grrr....I would have given up by now but this is the closest to that da..err game that I've been. Persistance and all that, I guess.



When I tell the FTP client to connect it does come back with a "Connection refused" message. Could it just be that all the slots are taken?


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here is a little help. Click on button "Connect, you should see your FTP list. Select VBT FTP and click on "Edit". Put the same paramaters as you can see on the pic and it should work fine.

Okay, thank you. It works now. I can reach but Tepes' and VBT's. I'm not getting any messages save for one that says "Too many connections for that account." Thanks all.