Who's your favourite video game character?

Ohh well .. the KOF .. is on arcades .. on NeoGeo CD .. on Saturn and PSX ... the arcade NoeGeo isthe best of course .. but i prefer Saturn on NeoGeo CD ... first because the NeoGeo has lots and lots of loadings which takes lots of time .. Saturn is better .. and also because Saturn is SEGA ... the best !!
Yea, I have never actualy played a neo-geo before but I had heard that their is lots of long loading periods. Something about its cd drive being a 1x I belive.
The severity of the load times on NGCD varies by game. really small games (all 3 of them :p) can load once at startup and never have to load again because NGCD has a fairly large amount of RAM. The later fighters, on the other hand, need to load for every match, and some of them can take a minute or more to load :(.
I've always really enjoyed the Sonic the Hedgehog games on my Genesis.

I named my car Sonic mainly because the blue/aqua color of my car is somewhat of a similar color to Sonic the Hedgehog. Plus I habitually speed on some occasions.

Also, both "Sundance" and "Sonic" start with an "S," hence Sonic the Sundance. You can visit my website, which tells more about my car, by clicking on the "homepage icon" above one of my posts.

If my car was red, I would have probably named it Mario. j/k. but hey...
And you know what, I think if Cloud121 had a yellow car he would call it cloud, mainly due to clouds trademark big yellow hair....heh, just got an idea of what it would be like if cloud went super sayan, like in DBZ :)
Uh, speaking of Cloud, has anyone heard of the Chrysler "Cloud Cars" such as the Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Stratus, Chrysler Sebring, Plymouth Breeze?

I bet if you had one such car, you would most likely name it "Cloud," wouldn't you?. :cheesy:

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Im begining to think you are a bigger car fan then game fan. I mean, your sig is a car, your site is based on cars, you listen to genesis music in your car, you named your car sonic....I think you should find a message board for cars.

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