why so little burned?

Ok guys, when i bought some sega cd games, the cd looked like it was burned to capacity, and all 650 mb or so was used. When I burn some SCD games from rips off ftps, only a portion of my CD gets filled...usually about 200 to 400 megs!!! What's going on? Why didn't Sega use the full capacity of the CD? The games would've been much better if they did!

and why is there a difference between the retail cd size and the burned size?
....oh and another thing... is it at all possible to burn to games onto a cd and play them on SegaCD console?

...me thinks no, cuz of probs with booting and stuff...but post away!

Most SegaCDs don't use anywhere close to 650MB. The exception is FMV games - they almost all use over 550MB. The non-FMV games are almost always filled up with music - I can't think of one non-FMV game's ISO out of the 115+ I've burnt that's over 200MB.
I think it is just cheaper/easier for companies to make a master CD that fills the entire disc, that a specifically sized one. You do occasionally see CD singles (as in music cd's) that are only on a portion of the disc, don't know why tho'...
Well the price of CD's make it ok not to use the whole thing. I mean if you finish a game in 400MB, why add extra? Remember they were coming from those little carts=) Anyway, even the carts were not used to the max every time. For instance a 32 Mbit cart, might only be 31 Mbit of actual program, they fill in the rest with useless stuff. A cd makes this space "waste" less expensive.
How much better could you make a game with like 200 more MB's anyway? What would you add, more FMV? The game data itself on most SegaCDs is very small, the stuff that takes up space is cd audio and FMVs.
Unlike the Saturn, the SCD has no anti-copy protection, so you can burn your ISOs to CD-R and play them on the real SCD just fine. The only thing you have to watch out for is the country code.

seems like gamecube will be targeted towards kids, just as the n64 did. if you're rich, get the XBox. it looks kinda cool.

btw, back to the topic, i think that if sega spent those extra few cents on each game to maximize usage of those empty spaces on the cd and improve their games and not just convert the cart versions, SegaCD would've been more widely accepted. Don't you agree?
Yeah, I used to think that too. Back in the day when my first SegaCD was new I would try to prove it's merits to my friends, but people were anti-Sega even then. I don't know if better games would've helped. The common thing I would hear was, "don't they only have like 15 titles?" I had about 40. It pissed me off that these so-called "gamers" were so ignorant and biased. Still does. I can't tell you how many people are shocked when they hear I have a SegaCD. Or for that matter a Saturn. They'll be like "there aren't many games for Saturn". I tell them I've got 265. They'll be like "oh, uh, is, uh that like uh all of 'em?" I say there are over 1100. Open mouths. They have no clue.

Fanboys suck. Gaming rules. Saturn forever! SegaCD uber alles!

The thing is once you write the game have all the music done, why should you go back and add more to fill up the cd? Theres really no reason too.

Keep in mind the most common thing with carts would be taking things out of a game to fit it on the cart. I can name a couple of RPGs that had this done to them. That was a clear advantage the Seag CD had. I can name a numberof SNES RPGs reduced due to cart size, but I cant think of 1 Sega cd Game that was reduced.
i'm sayin that they should've upgrade and improve on the cart versions and not just convert the carts to cd version...
They did with some: Mortal Kombat, Eternal Champions, Ecco 1&2, and others I can't think of right now.

Remember, lotsa games were only on SegaCD, Final Fight being my personal fave. Others include Lunar 1&2, Popful Mail, Game No Kandume 1&2, Snatcher, Rise Of The Dragon, Cobra, Time Gal, and countless FMV games.

All in all the SegaCD was a very good system, but was way too expensive [it launced @ $379USD], and too under supported by both Sega and the gaming public. My biggest gripe back in the day was that we SegaCD owners always had to wait for months after a cart release for the CD rev to come out.
totally different physical design and bios

model 1 sits totally inder the megadrive/genesis 1, and is a tray loader, wheres as model 2 sits under and beside the genny/megadrive 2, and is a top loading type like nearly every console besides 3do and ps2 are

ive heard the model 2 is far cheaply built as well, but can say thats definite since its been a long while since ive seen one (around 5 -6 years)