Will I be able...


Will I be able to play US/JAP Sega CD games when I only do the country code conversion from US/JAP to EUROPE?

What about that switch I can build into my Sega CD II? Is this a MUST or will the NTSC games work without any problem on my PAL system (after country conversion of course?).

Thanks a lot...
Thanks Ratamahatta!

My Sega CD II system is on the way and I just wanted to be sure that the NTSC games work.

So I only need the switch to play games without country conversion?
there is no switch for segacd.

you should install a 50/60 hz switch to your genesis/MD, or ntsc games will run too slow on your segacd, and will be out of sync.

scdconv will not work with all games, but it will for some.
So if I got it right, I could only cut that specific tiny trace and switch the jumpers and my Sega Genesis will be switched to 60 Hz...

Let's say I only want to play US/JAP games, so I don't have to install that switch immediately and I am able to play them at full speed?

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OK, just thought about it again and I think that it will be the best to install that switch as it isn't really that much work :)
if you got a european scd, you NEED the switch, or it won't even boot.

start at 50 hz, switch to 60 hz.

keep in mind this has NO influence on wether an import works or not, only on the game speed.

also, you might need a RGB scart cable (and tv that supports it) to get a color picture.
Only known exception so far is Heart of the Alien (US). It will only boot with a MegaDrive/Genesis at 60 Hz.