Willy Bemish, Kega, AND Make My Videos!!!!!! (Working)


That's fabulous.

Now a whole new generation can play those truly outstanding Make My Video games.

Just try and stop them ;)


I never played the pc version, but i enjoyed the sega cd version, even though i never finished it. Its REAL tough to beat the babysitter from ####, but its a lot of fun if you like adventure games from that era.


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too bad sierra doesnt make the adventure games any more

the last (very last) point-n-click adventures i enjoyed were phantasmagoria and gk2, both from sierra.


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Willy B is MUCH better on the SCD as it has speech, I dont think the PC one did. Anyways the make my video is a movie video maker that you add the movies and special effects....sorta like MTV Music Generator


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You're right the pc version doesn't have speech. For some reason i couldn't beat the pc version but i was able to beat the sega cd one.