Winamp 3 dumped -- Back to 2

I've been enjoying classic Winamp's new internet radio tuner. It's the nicest I've seen, and it actually works through winamp without referring me to a webpage.
Good riddance. I hated WA3 from the minute I first installed it. It wasn't even 5 minutes before I realized what a crock it was. Interesting to note the commentary on Netscape though. Just adds to my argument that anything AOL touches goes straight to shit. Following this trend though, AOL 9.0 may just be the best thing the internet has ever seen... nahh...

Though one question still remains.. wtf is with llamas? Between Nullsoft and Maxis I don't see what the attraction/significance is. Can someone enlighten me?
Are you stupid? Winamp was developed by followers of the dali lahma (i know i mangled that terribly) and they think that part of his reencarnated spirit is trapped within their software. That is his way of showing that his soul lives. If you didnt know this then you must be retarded
I see. I always knew I was retarded, I just didn't know why. Thanks for clearing that up Gallstaff! Does the same hold true for Maxis software? Is Wil Wright into the same stuff?